Alphard Duo Cart


Type: 4 wheel Push Golf Cart
Net weight: 12kg
Shipping: Canada $29.99 - USA: $39.99


Integrated Bag and Push Cart solution!

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The Alphard Duo Golf Cart offers a simple solution with the innovative integration of the golf bag and push cart, reducing storage space required while offering many other great features to make your game more enjoyable.

The DX (Deluxe) version comes with 9 pockets including a cooler pocket.

Ergonomically Sound - height and angle adjustable handle

Club Protection - unique varied height base minimizes club clanging

Ride cart friendly - detachable wheel assembly

Perfect match - No twisted, tilted or rubbing bag



Effortless Set up
Straight forward and simple 2-step set up
Raise the bag, fold out the handle and you are ready to go
Hydraulic assisted folding movement





Compact Size
Folded: 13” W x 46” H x 18.5" D (equivalent to a regular cart bag)
Reduces storage space in car or garage
All-on-one unit makes transport easy even for golf vacations abroad



  • BLACK Alphard Duo Cart DX Integrated Bag Push Golf Cart
  • Ships in a fully-insulated carton box


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