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 SPITZER D2 Golf/Hunting Laser Range Finder


SPITZER D2 Golf/Hunting Laser Range Finder


FREE SHIPPING (limited time) Reflective surface range of up to 1500 yards! Indirect Distance Technology.


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SPITZER D2 Laser Rangefinder

  • Static Reading - aim at target for instant reading
  • Dynamic Reading - live continous reading, great for moving targets!
  • Indirect distance measurements capabilities - measures distance between to two targets
  • Powerful 7X magnification
  • Measures distance up to 1530 yards (1400 meters)
  • Rapid 0.5 secs to acquire target distance
  • Easy to see LCD display
  • Small and light-weight
  • Auto-shutoff
  • Water and rain resistant, enjoy your game, rain or shine!
  • Measures in both yards and meters



  1. Laser receiver aperture
  2. Objective lens/laser emmission aperture
  3. MODE button / Meter-Yard Change / Scan mode / Indirect Distance Measurement
  4. POWER button / Transmitting Button
  5. Eyecup and diopter adjustment ring
  6. 7X monocular eyepiece
  7. Battery compartment
  8. Neck strap eyelet



Target Quality Indicator: Digitally indicates the strength of the laser measurement.


Scan: Continously shows distance of object shown in recticle. Great for moving objects/animals.


Recticle: Use it to take aim at the target. Position the target at the cent of the reticle.


Range: Displays the distance to the target.


Measuring Units: Digitally indicates measured distance in meters or yards.


Battery Indicator: Low battery indicator.


INDIRECT DISTANCE MODE FEATURE: Aim at 2 objects, the distance between the two targets are given. Requires 3 readings (1st target, middle distance, and 2nd target)


Golf is a game of Probability

As you can tell from previous experience, golf involves discerning the certain from the uncertain. The key is to make sure of the distance between you and your target. Stop agonizing. Do yourself a favor. Get to know exactly how far you are from the objective. Get some technology behind you. But be aware that knowing the precise distance is not the point. Your goal is still to maximize your chances... with a little help from SPITZER

In golf, distance is an absolute fact. It can be quanified precisely. Playing golf, however, is not quantifiable. That's because on any given day, or even hour, climatic conditions at the golf course can change dramatically. These conditions include temperature, atmospheric pressure, general visibility, wind veloctiy and many other factors. All these again support the conclusion: your game can be considerably better off with a SPITZER D2 Laser Rangefinder. Take note...


1. Measure the distance to the corner


You're playing on an unfamiliar course. It's hard to see, let alone calculate, the distance to the dogleg corner or the distance to the far side of the ravine or pond. Use a SPITZER Rangefinder to measure the distance. You can then select the most suitable club and swing without hesitation.


2. Develop sense of distance to approach


The Laser Rangefinder's closest measuring distance is 16 yards. Set targets at every few yards and adjust your swing by practicing approach shots. This will help you understand and eventually master the relationship between swing and distance. Your approach shots, including the delicately short ones, will improve.


3. Know the precise pin position (Indirect Distance Mode)


The foot of the pin lies behind the lip of the bunker and you cannot see it. To know how far the pin is from the bunker's lip, measure the distance to the pin and the distance to the bunker lip. The difference between these two measurements is the distance from the bunker lip to the pin. Armed with this knowledge, you can now carry on with greater assurance.



  • SPITZER D2 Laser Rangefinder
  • BONUS Rangefinder Storage Pouch and Lens Cloth


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